Expressive Pastels: Loosen Up and

Add some Spice to your Paintings 

with Karen Margulis PSA IAPS- MC 

October 4-6, 2021


It has been said that as artists we are either moving toward or away from abstraction. No matter where we fall on this journey we can all benefit from ideas to help us create more expressive paintings. I am always striving to interpret my subject by including my own personal touch rather than a copying the reference or painting exactly what I see. 

In this  workshop I will share some of the ways I have discovered that help me paint in a more expressive ‘loose’ manner. I will introduce a simple method for a successful pastel painting from the planning stage to the addition of those final important spices! 

We  will also explore the use of underpaintings and how they contribute to more expressive pastel paintings. I will demonstrate two different underpainting techniques. Students will use an underpainting to develop their paintings. 

In addition we will continue to explore techniques that will lead to more expressive paintings with an exploration of new and exciting ways to start a pastel painting. 

There will be demos, handouts and plenty of individual help during the workshop.

Barbara Jaenicke ~ Virtually

October 2020 


Mini Workshop: FLorals

with Jude Tolar

will be rescheduled.



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