There are six meetings per year, generally from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., normally the first Sunday of the month. Meetings are free; guests are welcome to attend.

2021 Meeting Calendar
March 7 Laura Pollak Abstracting the Landscape
April 3 Jude Tolar Floral Demo & Mini Workshop
May 2 Dawn Secord


September 12    
October  3 Karen Margulis Landscape

Dawn Emerson presented Inovative Techniques (printmaking) as a base for pastels

Michael Gilespie - An Artists Residency in Italy, September 2019

Marie Maines presented "How to Critique your own Artwork" in May

Bethany Fields showed us how to escape the chain and ball to your photos in April with a mini workshop that followed.

Donna Chambera demo-ed a landscape for the March meeting of PSSW.

Lynda Conley demonstrated a landscape at the November meeting.

Diane Rappisi demo-ed at the October meeting at the Tower Gallery

Justin Burns: Golden working artist presented artists materials at the September meeting.

Janis Krendik demo'ed a landscape for us in May.

Rae Andrews did not one, but two demos of dogs and then led us in her technique in an afternoon workshop. April

Pernie Fallon put a little magic in her landscape. March demo

Lynne Hubner demo-ed Pastel over prints in September

Enid Wood's Landscape Demo at the May meeting

Diane Rappisi Portrait Demo at the April meeting

Linda Wacaster demo-ed "Gizmo" at the March meeting

Olivette Hubler demo-ing a landscape at the November meeting.

Alain Picard with his Demos from the Capturing Light Workshop

Marian Hirsch with her landscape demo at the September meeting.

Almost Touching, Laura Pollak

Behind the Curve, Larua Pollak

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All works are copyrighted by their respective artists.