There are six meetings per year, generally from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., normally the first Sunday of the month. Meetings are free; guests are welcome to attend.

2017 Meeting Calendar
March Linda Wacaster Animal Demo
April Diane Rappisi Portrait Demo & Mini Workshop
May Enid Wood

Landscape Demo

September Lynne Hubner Pastel over a Print
October Jen Evenhus The Beauty of Imperfection
November Beverly Boren Still Life


Enid Wood's Landscape Demo at the May meeting

Diane Rappisi Portrait Demo at the April meeting

Linda Wacaster demo-ed "Gizmo" at the March meeting

Olivette Hubler demo-ing a landscape at the November meeting.

Alain Picard with his Demos from the Capturing Light Workshop

Marian Hirsch with her landscape demo at the September meeting.

Paint Around One from IAPS

Terry Ludwig's IAPS Candy Store 

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