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Enid Wood

Texas artist Enid Wood is happiest when she is outside: walking, eating, teaching, or painting. When inside, she likes looking out a window, or painting landscapes in soft pastel. Raised in Colorado, with summers spent in Santa Fe, Enid loves the colors, shapes, and textures of mountains, rocks, clouds, trees, and meadows. 


She studied still life and portrait painting at Westminster College in Salt Lake City with Don Doxey. Her subsequent career as a violin teacher took her to Berkeley, New Haven, London, Pittsburgh, and Bastrop, TX. Ten years ago, inspired by the beautiful paintings and places seen during her travels, she joined Albert Handell’s mentorship program in New Mexico and became a landscape painter.  She has also studied pastel painting with Linda Wallen, Marla Baggetta, Doug Dawson, Terri Ford, Duane Wakeham, Fred Somers, Dina Gregory, Rita Kirkman, Richard McKinley, Elizabeth Castonguay, Judy Mattei, Dawn Emerson, Clayton Beck, Mike Beeman, Sally Strand, and Suchitra Bhosle. 


Her paintings usually begin with one color or an unexpected pair of colors. The rest of the painting takes shape from that beginning.  For Enid, the vitality of each stroke evokes a mood, makes textures, and creates harmonies. She enjoys finding a balance between the intuitive and analytical paths to art. Enid also likes thinking about the creative process and is a frequent contributor to Pastel Journal.


In a decade of full time painting, Enid’s work has won a multitude of local, national, and international awards. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of New Mexico. 


Enid teaches painting workshops locally, regionally, and nationally and is in demand as a juror and judge for pastel exhibitions. Her paintings appear in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Golden Morning by Enid Wood

November Pond by Enid Wood

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