Featured Artist


Sunday,September 9th, 3-5 pm

at Stacy's Furniture Community Room  in Grapevine



Justin Burns

Justin is the Golden Working Artist for Dallas/Fort Worth. He will be sharing product and techniques that we can use in our pastels.

All meetings are held at the Stacy Furniture Community Room, 1900 S. Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76021. Click here for map and directions


2018 Meeting Program
September 9,2018 ~ Justin Burns ~ Donna Chambers
October 7, 2018 ~ Diane Rappissi
October8-10, 2018 ~ Diane Rappisi Workshop  See the workshop page to sign up.
November 2018 ~ Lynda Conley

Janis Krendik

Janis Krendik

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