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Sunday, March 3rd, 3-5 pm

at STACY'S FURNITURE  in Grapevine



Donna Chambers


Diane Rappisi demonstrated and then taught us her techniques for portraits at the October meeting and workshop to follow. This painting and a drawing was raffled off at the November meeting.

Diane Rappisi: Caroline Rose






All meetings are held at the Stacy Furniture Community Room, 1900 S. Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76021. Click here for map and directions


2018-2019 Meeting Programs
March 3, 2019 ~ Donna Chambers, Landscape
April 6, 2019 ~ SATURDAY, Bethany Fields ~ Landscape,
                            Mini workshop to follow in afternoon
May 5,  2019 ~ Marie Maines ~ How to critique your own art
September 2019 ~ Michael Gilespie ~ Artist in Residence in Italy
October 2019 ~ Dawn Emmerson
November 2019. ~ 

Donna Chambers

Donna Chambers

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