Sunday, November 3rd

3-5 pm

at STACY'S FURNITURE  in Grapevine



Featured Artist


Lucille Carter

Still Life

Due to an ilness, there was a last minute change in the demo artist for November. Dawn will be rescheduled to May. We are extremely grateful to Lucille for stepping up.

All meetings are held at the Stacy Furniture Community Room, 1900 S. Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76021. Click here for map and directions


2020 Meeting Programs
2020 Meeting Programs
March 2020 ~ Susan Henry
April 2020 ~ Jude Tolar
May 2020 ~ Dawn Secord
September 2020 ~ Juliana Crownover
October 2020~ Barbara Jaenicke
November 2020~ Kaye Franklin

Lucille Carter

Lucille Carter

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