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The next meeting will be our regularly scheduled meeting on March 7th from 3-5pm.


Laura Pollak

will be our demo artist.


Meetings will be held via Zoom for the time being. Members will automatically receive a link the day prior to the meeting.

Guests should request a link prior to the meeting day here.



Abstract Montage, Laura Pollak

Cast Shaddows, Laura Pollak

Have you ever experienced an

art slump?


Juliana Crownover has several suggestions to jump start your creativity and grow in your art.


Two Books were reccommended:

The Phantom Toll Booth and Art & Fear


Create art in a series:

Pick a number of paintings (ie: 12 cactus paintings), or a time frame (ex: 5 paintings in one week, one month, etc)


Limit yourself to one subject, one color, one size, one format, very limited pallete, color schemes, emothions, use a different medium, etc.


Change your passwords to reflect your goals.

(ex: iwillpaintfivemeadowsthismonth)

They are probably pretty secure. :)


Share your goals with others and ask them to keep you accountable.


Keep a backpack ready with a small pallete and paper ready to go everywhere.


Pack yourself a lunch in the morning on your painting days.


Post your work - even work in progress.

Try using a webcam like earthcam to paint plein air without the plane fare.


Select colors from an object or photo or magazine and then create a painting from that color scheme. 


Paint in a group and select a theme.

We will use that idea as a group for November. Paint something to reflect the theme "Harvest" and share with us at the November meeting.


All meetings are held on Zoom until we can continue to meet at the Stacy Furniture Community Room, 1900 S. Main Street, Grapevine, TX 76021. Click here for map and directions


2021 Meeting Programs
March 7   Laura Pollak - Abstracting the landscape
April 3.    Jude Tolar Florals with mini workshop
May 2       Diane Secord Animals

Almost Touching, Laura Pollak

Behind the Curve, Larua Pollak

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